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Right now, your donations go even further!

SIC is the recipient of a Title III Grant that provides a dollar-for-dollar match for every donation we receive!


Online Donation


For a donation of only $84 a month, you can be a member of the Falcon Society, and our grant will match your $84. If you're already a Falcon Society Lifetime member, keep giving to join our Dream Makers Society!

Your donations help to meet Southeastern’s most important needs, including scholarships for our students, technology for our classrooms, faculty and student research, and maintenance of our buildings and grounds. Our goal is to raise just over a quarter of a million dollars between now and 2026, and we know we can do it with great friends like you!

To help us even more in reaching our goal, ask your employer if they would be willing to match your donation.

Call Sky Fowler at (618) 252-5400 ext. 2482 or email with questions.