Distinguished Alumni

1981 Richard Horn, Ph.D. Class of 1967 Eastman Kodak Research Labs
1982 Robert C. Wilson, J.D. Class of 1970 Lawyer and Business Owner
1983 Gary D. McDowell Class of 1974 Exec. V.P. AMAX Coal
1984 John Coyle Class of 1967 Engineering Director Boeing Corp.
1985 William S. Tate Class of 1970 President National Mine Service, Inc.
1986 John T. Blair, M.D. Class of 1970 Family Practice Physician
1987 Donna Patton Class of 1969 Reader's Digest Executive
1988 Dennis Dees, Ph.D. Class of 1976 Argonne National Research Labs
1989 Pauletta Morse, Ph.D. Class of 1972 SIUC Associate Professor
1990 Hon. Michael J. Henshaw Class of 1965 District Judge
1991 Clifton E. Jackson, J.D. Class of 1973 Attorney
1992 Stefan Bledig, M.D. Class of 1984 Nutra Sweet Corp. Scientist
1993 Maj. William R.(Randy) (Buzz) Barrett Class of 1982 Air Force Pilot
1994 Tom Porter Class of 1973 Victor Valley Daily Press - Publisher
1995 Sue Beal Class of 1969 SIC Division Chair
1996 Barbara Allen Class of 1970 Illinois Teacher of the Year
1997 Barbara Morgan, Ph.D. Class of 1968 SIUC Assistant Professor
1998 Karan Sadler Maxson Class of 1969 Director Illinois DHS
1999 Patrick B. York, DVM Class of 1977 Veterinarian
2000 Karen Keasler Class of 1977 SIC Division Chair
2001 David D. Phelps Class of 1967 U.S. Congressman
2002 Greg Rush Class of 1973 McDermott Technology - Manager
2003 Douglas Paul Thompson Class of 1966 Kemper CPA Group LLC - CPA
2004 Terry D. Cooper, Ph.D. Class of 1975 St. Louis Community College - Prof
2005 Brandon W. Phelps Class of 1990 Illinois State Representative 118th Dis
2006 Lewis Humble Class of 1965 General Motors Corp.- Executive
2007 Gregg Eubanks, OD Class of 1974 Doctor of Optometry
2008 Lt. Brad Ross, USN, DMD Class of 1997 Orthodontics
2009 Kay Whitlock Class of 1967 Christopher B. Burke Engineering
2010 Dr. Jonah Rice Class of 1987 SIC President
2011 Dr. Robert Holmes Class of 1985 National Flood Hazard Coordinator
2012 Dr. Ted Field Class of 1974 Orthopedic Surgeon
2013 Dr. Toby Brooks Class of 1995 Professor at Texas Tech
2014 Dr. Brandon Triplett Class of 1994 Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist
2015 Deidre Wallace Lhamon Class of 1983 Founder and Executive Director of The Covering House
2016 Dr. Dana Keating Class of 1974 SIC Vice President of Academic Affairs
2017 Stephen L. Raben, M.D.  Class of 1983 Rural Family Medicine
2017 Nancy (Fillingim) Raben Class of 1985 Middle School Educator
2018 Nate Oldham, MD Class of 2001 Chief of Staff at Ferrell Hospital & Hospital Board of Directors