SIC Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Southeastern Illinois College enhances lifelong learning by providing quality accessible educational programs, cultural enrichment opportunities, and support for economic development 

To be the catalyst for academic excellence, community service, and economic growth in the communities we serve.

Institutional Goals
1. Provide a general education program that creates a foundation for further study and enlightened citizenship.
2. Empower students to achieve their educational goals, enabling them to successfully live and work in a culturally diverse global society.
3. Provide students access to quality transferable courses and programs.
4. Prepare students to succeed in a highly competitive workforce through career and technical education.
5. Provide opportunities in developmental and adult basic/secondary education.
6. Enhance learning by integrating educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.
7. Utilize existing and emerging technologies to equip students, enhance learning and provide services.
8. Sponsor award-winning, competitive, and service-oriented activities.
9. Offer lifelong learning opportunities to explore potentials, abilities, and interests.
10. Enrich and enhance the community through cultural and general interest events.
11. Provide resources, training and leadership for economic development of business and industry.
12. Provide a wide range of student and administrative services to support achievement of student learning and personal development.
13. Create a culture where assessment of student learning outcomes and college services are valued and used across the institution.
14. Responsibly manage the resources entrusted to the college on behalf of the community college district.
15. Establish and maintain mutually beneficial educational, corporate and
community partnerships.

Core Values

Fairness: We are committed to behavior free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism.

Integrity: We embrace moral values and the courage to live up to them.

Compassion: We demonstrate a genuine interest, concern, and respect for others.

We see ourselves and others as individuals of value and capable of pursuing our dreams.

 We hold ourselves accountable for our conduct and obligations.

We value learning as a lifetime objective and will continue to promote the attainment of knowledge.