Title III Staff

Project Director

Karen Weiss








Karen Weiss

  • Administers and coordinates the management of the Title III initiatives and budget
  • Ensures compliance with all institutional, state, and federal regulations and guidelines
  • Monitors the project budget to ensure that resources are used efficiently and responsibly
  • Oversees hiring of Title III staff
  • Supervises Activity Coordinator and Administrative/Technical Support Assistant
  • Facilitates continuous data collection and evaluation for improvement and reporting
  • Communicates objectives to all stakeholders and keep the campus community informed

Activity Coordinator/Online Curriculum Developer

Kelly Alongi

Kelly Alongi


  • Responsible for day-to-day implementation of Title III activity
  • Supervise and evaluate project staff to ensure efficient effort toward Title III goals
  • Oversee/coordinate pilot-testing activities
  • Ensure that administration of personnel and budget is consistent with USDE Title III, state, and local regulations and policies
  • Assist faculty in learning skills/pedagogies for online and technology-enhanced learning
  • Assist participating faculty in developing/converting curricula for online delivery

Online Student Services Developer

Bre Richardson

Bre Richardson

  • Determine configuration and content for Online Student Services
  • Develop schematic of student services website
  • Develop an appealing website design with marketing
  • Build, test, and refine online services to meet information and service needs for stakeholders

Technical Administrative Assistant

Lane OBrien

Lane O'Brien

  • Provide support for Online Instructional and Student Support Services Developers
  • Assist Project Director and Activity Coordinator in data collection and reporting
  • Maintain Title III office and coordinate staff scheduling and communications
  • Assist with pilot of online services

Online Practical Nursing Instructor

Laura DeVous

Laura Devous

  • Pilot online Nursing courses; evaluate and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Coordinate and teach labs and clinical rotations for online cohort students
  • Coordinate laptop computer check-out system for online cohort of students
  • Participate in Title III meetings, record keeping, evaluation, and technology training sessions

Online Criminal Justice Instructor

Brent Maguire

Brent Maguire

  • Pilot online Criminal Justice (CRJ) courses; evaluate and provide recommendations for improvements
  • Convert and/or develop CRJ courses for online modality
  • Assist  CRJ adjunct instructors with transition to online instruction
  • Coordinate integration of the online CRJ program into SIC’s curriculum and schedule
  • Market the online CRJ courses and program
  • Participate in Title III meetings, record keeping, evaluation, and technology training sessions