Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional EffectivenessInstitutional effectiveness at Southeastern Illinois College consists of a process that integrates mission, assessment, planning, and budget to increase their alignment and organizational efficiency.  This practice is done to serve our stakeholders and improve student success.

Southeastern received an excellent evaluation from the Higher Learning Commission on both planning and assessment.  Southeastern’s 5-year phase of planning fulfills its mission and the outcome of accountability and evidence-based decision-making is pervasive during the process.  

Budget, planning, and assessment are interrelated to carry out the mission of Southeastern Illinois College.  Assessment results can drive planning decisions, which in turn, become budgetary requests.  Of course, some planning is done because of environmental scanning not captured by a particular assessment outcome and can still drive the budget.  As well, external fiscal constraints can drive the budget against certain plans, even those based on assessment results, if the action step is beyond the fiscal capacity of required resources.  Nevertheless, these major institutional elements of SIC’s institutional effectiveness calendar work together as needed and as appropriate to fulfill the mission of the college for the stakeholders we serve.

Southeastern Illinois College’s Institutional Effectiveness Cycle Calendar provides the timeline and schedule for the multiple activities that ensure a high-quality institution that provides an excellent educational experience for its students.