ICCB Program Review

ICCB Program Review

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) coordinates a statewide system for the review of instructional programs. The purpose of the review is to support strategic campus-level planning and decision-making that relates to instruction and instructional support areas, and to demonstrate accountability in maintaining cost-effective, high quality programs and services that responds to the needs of the district.  Each program or non-instructional area is evaluated every 5 years. This process is integrated with strategic planning, assessment, and budgetary planning.  Submission of a local summary report to ICCB is required by August 1st of every year.

ICCB 2017-2021 Program Review Manual

SIC Comprehensive Program Review Manual

Summary Reports

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FY 17 Summary Report

FY 16 Summary Report

FY 15 Summary Report

FY 14 Summary Report

Review Schedule

FY 17 Review Schedule