Assessment Inventory

An inventory or listing of all assessment activities and artifacts that are currently being used by departments and academic divisions at SIC.

Academic Effectiveness Results
  • shorter term assessment which shows the effects of tutoring and other support services on student learning outcomes.

Advisory Council Meetings
  • advisory councils are used in the vocation and technical areas to provide community and business input for program review and planning, specifically to maintain the program?s currency in the job market

Annual Audit
  • internal audit performed by comptroller; external audit performed by outside accounting firm; both reports are overseen by Business Affairs and reported to Board of Trustees and ICCB.

APC Council
  • area planning council meetings to ascertain problems, needs and currency in the adult education arena.

Assessment Committee
  • composed of representatives from each college entity; meets monthly to review departmental assessment reports and to make recommendations based on these reports; assess the overall plan and process of assessment institutionally; compilation of assessment report.

Assessment Team
  • composed of four representatives from various areas of the College; meets as needed to direct the assessment efforts of the College. The team?s overall purpose is to guide and act as resource for all college departments? assessment activities.

  • assessment tools used to determine student placement into the appropriate courses at admission entry; tests skills in Reading, Math and English.

ASSET for Writing and DRP for Reading
  • assessment tools which are used to determine post-course academic attainment.

Bookstore Sales
  • provides input as to volume of sales by Bookstore; reports to Business Affairs.

Budget Preparations
  • budgets are compiled annually in the Spring semester by all divisions and departments campus-wide, and rationale based on assessment is being initiated with the Spring 2005 term.

Budget Transfer Review
  • performed by all divisions and departments campus-wide; overseen by Business Affairs Office.

Business Surveys
  • assessment tools used by SIC's SBDC and Workforce Development Center to ascertain information from local and regional business and industry. Includes Grow Illinois Business Survey for retail and major employers.

Client Satisfaction Surveys
  • assessment tool used by SIC's SBDC and Workforce Development Center with local and regional business and industry.

Climate Survey
  • ICCB mandated survey to assess students? perceptions of the overall college climate, in terms of harassment issues, security issues, diversity issues, disability and cultural issues.

Comparative Enrollment Report
  • assessment tools used to indicate growth or decline in program types and full-time and part-time student enrollment on a semester basis.

Comparative Grades
  • course grades in developmental courses compared to next level course; used to ascertain effectiveness of the developmental course completion.

Competency Skills Sets
  • used with vocational and technical programs to ensure students are meeting industry standards; included in this is an AWS program certification for Welding students conducted by an outside evaluator to determine skill level and competencies in Welding; it affords the program a more objective evaluation of knowledge, skills and competencies according to workforce standards.

Customer Service Surveys
  • used by certain divisions or departments on-campus to provide community, faculty and staff input into departmental operations and improvements.

Division and/or Departmental Assessment Reports
  • annual reports compiled by all divisions and departments on-campus to the Assessment Committee; used in strategic planning process.

Event and Participation Surveys
  • used by Community Education division to assess results of specific events as well as feedback from participants at the event.

Facility Inspections
  • performed by Environmental Services on a monthly basis to assess facility needs and safety issues.

Faculty and Staff Evaluations
  • annual evaluations for faculty and staff in all divisions and departments campus-wide.

Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • tools used to ascertain SIC faculty and staff wants, needs and expectations and/or satisfaction with a specific department or division's services. Multiple departments on-campus utilize these types of surveys.

Financial Forecast Report
  • annual report provided by Business Affairs, and reported to Board of Trustees and faculty/staff.

  • state performance-based assessment tool used with EvenStart program through Literacy department.

Focus Groups and Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • tools used to ascertain community wants, needs and expectations and/or satisfaction with our programs and services. (Focused on current needs as well as future projections and planning).

Follow-up Study by Vocational Division
  • used to ascertain information regarding students upon graduation from SIC.

Full-time Faculty and Staff Credentials
  • credentials (including resume, official transcripts, certifications, licenses, etc.) are maintained in the Human Resources Department and updated as needed; this embodies the integrity of the institution.

Full-time, Non-tenured and Adjunct Faculty Evaluations
  • performed annually or semi-annually by Vice President for Instruction and/or academic chairpersons or his/her designee.

General Education Assessment
  • assessment of the general education area of communication, computation and critical thinking, as well as health and well-being and diversity; CAAP test is used to assess program?s effectiveness within major and across majors; growth of individual student?s academic performance in the core areas over a 2-year span of time.

General Education Assessment (program and course-specific)
  • assessment of growth of course or program-specific learning outcomes based on gen ed core; this is done by way of portfolio, imbedded exam questions, pre- and post-tests, self-reporting mechanisms, and observations.

Goals and Activities Report
  • annual report compiled by academic division chairs and departments reporting to Office for Instruction, and results are used for strategic planning and as a basis for the 5-column assessment model.

Grant Maintenance and Performance Reports
  • performance reports mandated by specific grant-funded agencies.

ICCB Tax Revenue and Budget Survey
  • performed by Business Affairs on an annual basis; ICCB mandated survey

Licensure Exam Passage Rates
  • annual review of vocational skill sets and licensure exam passage.

MBA Certification for Annual Budget
  • provided to IASBO by Business Affairs for budget integrity.

Midterm WA Report
  • ICCB mandated report to ascertain information on enrollment at midterm.

Performance Report
  • formerly, Results Report, which is an ICCB-mandated report compiled by Office for Instruction.

Perkins Annual Plan

  • conducted for technical and vocational programs to determine needs in vocational areas.

Portfolio Development
  • assessment tool used by a number of academic programs in both BACC and VOC degrees.

PPIP Report

submitted based on aggregated data specific to vocational educational objectives from the Perkins umbrella of services.

Program Review
  • focuses on history of the course or program over a 5-year span; it assesses support services budgetary considerations; assessment component has been added to critique the work in assessment in the specific area being reviewed; checks compliance with course objectives and student learning outcomes; recommendations from the Committee are made to continue program with minor changes, to discontinue the program, or continue the program without changes. Committee is composed of faculty and staff, and directed by Office for Instruction designee. This committee meets annually, usually in the Spring semester. Follow-up by the specific area is completed within a year of the program review.

  • these are conducted to ascertain various data for reports such as academic probation and graduation eligibility.

Required State Surveys
  • surveys such as IBHE student financial aid survey and reports are submitted as required by the governing agency; most of these reports are through Enrollment Services and Financial Aid.

  • state performance-based assessment tool used with ABE/GED students.

Strategic Plan
  • broad plan which defines the mission, goals, objectives, and financial resources available to the institution as a whole; usually based on a 5-year projection.

Student Evaluations of Faculty
  • standard evaluation forms distributed toward the end of each Fall and Spring term. Information is compiled by Office for Instruction and data is distributed to division chairs and faculty, both full-time and adjunct. An online-specific student evaluation has been refined and implemented, and is required for all students enrolled in online courses per semester.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • course-specific outcomes based on learning objectives, per division and per course and/or program.

Summer Honors Report
  • used to ascertain effectiveness of Summer Honors program in terms of need and continuation of program.

Underrepresented Populations Report
  • used to assess learning outcomes as well as student services for students in underrepresented populations, such as females, students with disabilities, minority students.