Assessment Mission and History


Southeastern's assessment committee is a major part of the institutional process and serves as regulatory and review committee whose responsibilities include the assurance that all aspects of the college are routinely and accurately assessed and evaluated. It also makes sure that the information, results, and data from the assessment processes are adequately disseminated and used for program and/or service improvement. The committee is a key one within the institution and is comprised of membership representing all areas of the college: Students, administration, professional staff, paraprofessional staff, academic faculty, student affairs staff, and support services.


The Assessment Committee is led by the "A Team", which is comprised of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (Dr. Dana Keating), the Dean for Career and Technical Education (Karen Weiss), the Interim Dean for Academic Services (Gina Sirach), an Academic Advisor (Tyler Billman), and a Humanities faculty member/Division Chair (Allan Kimball).  This group provides direction and leadership for the committee, keeping the assessment process on track and ensuring quality.