Assessment at Southeastern is an on-going, continuous quality improvement effort that has become a part of the institutional culture. The assessment cycle is tied to budgeting and strategic planning so that these three vital elements work in tandem to keep the institution focused on accomplishing its mission in every aspect of its operation.  The process is led by the “A-Team”, a group of five faculty members and academic administrators.  Southeastern’s assessment process has been working well for a number of years, and was described by the Higher Learning Commission’s peer review team in 2008 as “exemplary”.

Institutional Assessment Plan
This document describes the assessment process.

Grey Arrow Annual Assessment Activity Report 2016-2017
Grey Arrow Annual Assessment Activity Report 2017-2018
Grey Arrow Annual Assessment Activity Report 2018-2019
Grey Arrow Annual Assessment Activity Report 2019-2020
Annual assessment reports will give a review of the assessment activities and progress that occurred during the specified academic year.

Assessment Mission Committee Membership Calendar
Departmental Plans and Results Program Review Resources