Washington Class

Former president of Harvard University Lawrence Summers once noted, “One example is worth a thousand theories.”  I find that legislative simulations and field observations literally breathe life into the course material.  It is one thing to study about government in a text book or read about the legislative process in a newspaper but quite another to actually attend a meeting of Congress, meet with white house staff, and your elected representatives.  This course is designed to not only give students a comprehensive first hand look at our Nation's Capitol, it also allows them to engage the actors who occupy these positions.  Students will have the opportunity to meet with Congressmen Shimkus as well as speak with his congressional staffers including SIC Alumna Holly Healy.  They will also have to opportunity to meet SIC alumna Katie Pennell who is White House Staff in the Obama administration.  Opportunities such as these are invaluable and often horizon expanding for our students.