Biological Sciences

Biology Students

Students at SIC can study a variety of topics within the biological sciences, including Biology, Botany, Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science, Microbiology and Biotechnology. With 3 well-equipped life science laboratories, students are able to participate in hands-on activities that allow them to experience first-hand what research and life in a lab can be like.  The highly educated instructors go above and beyond to help students gain an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the living world. In addition to majoring in biology and biotechnology, students may also enroll in one of the pre-professional tracts including pre-chiropractic, pre-dental, pre-medicine, pre-optometry, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician assistant, and pre-veterinary medicine.

Biology StudentGraduates from SIC’s biological science programs have found great success upon transferring to universities, enrolling in graduate programs, and in establishing careers.  Recent graduates have continued on to become successful pharmacists, family practitioners, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, chiropracters, dentists, veterinarians and physical therapists, just to name a few. Interested students can contact any one of the department faculty members via the links below for more information or to schedule a visit to one of the life science classes.

Biology  Pre-Optometry   Biology Students
Biotechnology  Pre-Pharmacy 
Pre-Chiropractic Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Dental  Pre-Physician Assistant
Pre-Medicine Pre-Veterinary Meidicine
Pre-Occupational Therapy   

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Grey ArrowMr. Jason Fitzgerald: Biology, Botany, Biotechnology, Anatomy & Physiology

Grey ArrowMr. Aaron Poole: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Biotechnology