The Spanish department is an academic unit within the Department of Humanities that emphasizes the learning of a foreign language, while learning about culture, traditions, and history of Spanish speaking countries.

Southeastern’s Spanish courses prepare students for transfer and employment.  The Spanish instructor focuses on teaching students’ the importance of being bilingual in today’s society.
Students in Spanish courses prepare to use language and writing skills in a number of careers, as employers consistently look for job applicants who have taken courses in a foreign language. The job opportunities for people who can speak a foreign language are numerous and when applying for a job those that can offer that skill are twice as likely to get the job.

Courses that are currently offered at SIC are: Spanish 121 during the fall and summer semesters and Spanish 122 during the spring semester. Spanish 221 and Spanish 222 have been offered in the past and it’s a matter of students’ need as to whether or not they will be offered in the future. Also, independent studies courses have been offered and could be offered per individual student’s need and instructor agreement.