Outdoor Recreation Program

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Southeastern Illinois College's Outdoor Recreation Program is tailored for students interested in:

  • Pursuing a career in outdoor recreation or related field
  • Specializing or supplementing an existing degree
  • Pursuing transfer options for a bachelor’s degree

Students in SIC’s Outdoor Recreation program may find interest in the following career opportunities:

  • Outdoor Education and Program Development
  • Recreation Technician with State and Federal Agencies
  • Environmental Interpretation
  • Outdoor Guiding and Outfitting
  • Wilderness and Adventure Tourism
  • Camp Program Specialist

The program offers students a variety of learning environments including classroom instruction, special projects focusing on outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities in the region, as well as invaluable hands-on, field experiences.

Check out our #CTExplore Video to see Instructor Jordan Hammersley tell you more about the Outdoor Recreation program!

Program Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Demonstrate an understanding of outdoor recreation including central concepts and definitions, history of outdoor recreation and its role in society.
Goal 2: Discuss an introduction to the variety of outdoor recreation employment opportunities and organizations involved.
Goal 3: Discuss the potential economic impact of outdoor recreation.
Goal 4: Discuss key leadership principles and their role in outdoor recreation planning and management.
Goal 5: Produce facilitation skills used in student, client or employee situations for the personal growth of those attending outdoor recreation functions as well as those employed by the organization.
Goal 6: Discuss critical outdoor recreation leadership issues including safety, risk management, administrative duties, and stewardship.
Goal 7: Describe essential planning skills including setting appropriate goals, guidelines, and duration and developing methods of program supervision and monitoring.
Goal 8: Create programs that are properly matched to meet market needs.
Goal 9: Demonstrate the utilization of technological advances to promote the educational environment.
Goal 10: Discuss interpretational programs and present key site features that are informative, appealing and attractive to audiences.

Curriculum Guide

Outdoor Recreation Certificate

Interested students should contact our SIC Recruiters at 618-252-5400 ext. 2245 and 2325, or email