Medical Laboratory Technician

The Application Procedure Deadline is March 1, 2016.

Application packets are available to pick up in Registration, CTE office, the Nursing Office, as well as online.  Click here for a MLT application packet.
Only 5 students are admitted each year.



Click here for the SICCM pre-program information sheet.

This has contact information if you have any questions, and the step by step process of preparing to apply for the MLT program.

This program is offered through SICCM, the Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market.


  1. Graduate (or anticipate graduation by college entrance) from an approved High School or demonstrate equivalent competency (G.E.D. examination).
  2. Satisfy all general entrance requirements for admission to the college to which you applied prior to the application deadlines for the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.
  3. Take the Health Occupation Aptitude Examination – Revised (HOAE-R) by March 1.  See the HOAE testing section below for more information.
  4. Submit completed MLT Tech application form by March 1.
  5. Request official transcripts from previous college experience if desiring to transfer any coursework.It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all official transcripts have been received by the SIC Enrollment Services Office.

Upon admission to the program students will be required to successfully complete a 7.5 hour job shadowing experience; a physical exam; the fist of a series of three Hepatitis B Virus vaccinations (or sign a declination waiver); a two step TB skin test (and/or chest x-ray), a rubella titer (and/or immunization), documented proof of immunity to Rubeola (red measles) and immunity status to Varicella (chicken pox) and Pertussis (whooping cough), and a Tetanus immunization. These must be completed prior to the beginning of class. Students will also be required to have a second TB skin test and/or chest x-ray before the senior year of the program. Training and certification in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) must be completed before or prior to attending clinical sites in the second semester of the first year. Health insurance is required by clinical sites before students are allowed on-site. Students must provide proof of medical insurance in effect throughout the two year program.

HOAE Testing

  • All exams will be in Room A-153 in the Student Success Center (A-145).
  • Contact Ed Rose (ext. 2442) in advance to schedule a date and time to test.
  • Prior to taking HOAE test make payment to the SIC Business Office (E-246) of $35 for the HOAE testing fee.  Make check or money order payable to Southeastern Illinois College.  No Refunds.
  • Provide receipt as proof of payment on your scheduled test date.
  • Bring photo ID on scheduled test date.
  • HOAE scores will be considered valid for two academic years.
  • The HOAE may be taken up to two times within one academic year, with the highest score used for determination of admission.
  • Testing will be checked between campuses.
  • If an applicant has taken this test more than two times within an academic year, only the first two scores will be considered.
  • Sample questions for the HOAE test can be found by going to and clicking on Resources for Test Takers.

 What is a Medical Laboratory Technologist?


The Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) is employed in clinical laboratories of hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and health care facilities performing various laboratory procedures and diagnostic testing. Laboratory testing is performed on body fluids such as blood, urine, spinal fluid, semen, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, amniotic fluid, etc.

The MLT works as a bench technician under the direct supervision of a physician and or Medical Technologist in the areas of blood banking, clinical chemistry, hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, coagulation, and serology. The MLT is an integral part of the health care team focused on providing optimum patient care The technician monitors quality control, performs maintenance on equipment and instruments, applies basic scientific principles to laboratory techniques and procedures, recognizes factors that affect procedures and results taking corrective action when indicated, relates laboratory findings to common disease processes, interacts with other health care personnel and patients, and collects blood specimens by venipuncture techniques.

The median salary for certified Medical Laboratory Technologists is approximately $15 per hour. Shift differentials will add more per hour and the hourly wage will vary slightly at each health care institution.

For more information on the profession, you may also go to the following website:

What could I expect as a Medical Laboratory Technology student?


Students are admitted to the MLT Program and register for all courses through their home campus. General education courses are taken at the student's home campus, but all MLT courses are taught in the SICCM/MLT laboratory classroom in the SICCM facility in Herrin, Illinois. This may require students to travel an hour or more to classes. Students will need to have transportation to accomplish travel requirements in the MLT Program.  Travel time will need to be considered as well between home and the student's campus.

Currently, MLT courses are taught during the day (up to 6 pm), but depending on part-time faculty availability, some MLT courses may be offered in the evening as well. MLT courses in the second year are taught in the first 11 weeks of the semester followed by two 15 day sub-rotations at clinical sites in hospitals. Classes are block-scheduled when possible in order to reduce the amount of travel time for students.

Clinical rotations may require considerable driving in the second year. Students should expect to potentially drive an hour or more to and from clinical sites. Students will use a lottery drawing system for selection of their choice of clinical sites. Driving time hinges on clinical site availability at a given point in the semester.  If the number of students requiring clinical rotations exceeds the number of slots available at the clinical affiliates, students may be required to complete clinical rotation during the break following the scheduled semester or as soon as a clinical affiliate is available for training. A listing of laboratories will be given to the admitted student in the future admission packet.

The MLT program is full-time only, with courses offered in specific sequence. All MLT courses in a semester must be taken and passed in order to progress to any MLT coursework of the next semester. Both the MLT courses and college natural science courses must be passed with a grade of a C or better. The program is designed to be completed within two academic years, including one summer session. Supervised Clinical Rotations comprise 240 clock hours in the fall and spring semesters of the second year.

What costs are associated with the MLT program?

Within this highly mobile program, admitted MLT students will be responsible for the following expenses:
1. Examination fee for Health Occupation Aptitude Examination -Revised ($35.00 before admission)
2. Tuition (Currently $94.00 per credit hour at Southeastern Illinois College for in-district students)
3. College fees, which include: Malpractice/liability insurance (up to $15 annually),** Program fees ($150.00 per MLT course)
4. Books,
5. Costs of transportation to centralized laboratory classroom for MLT courses and clinical sites
6. Scrubs for clinical rotations and a clean lab coat; white athletic shoes or nurse's shoes
7. Occasional minor laboratory supplies and equipment,
8. Physical examination,
9. Tests: *TB skin tests and/or possible chest x-rays, *Rubella titer, possible Varicella and pertussis titers
10. Immunizations:* Hepatitis B Virus - series of 3, * possible Rubella, Rubeola, Tetanus,
11. Demonstration of personal health insurance or Medicaid,
12. Application fee for national certification examination (approx. $200.00),
13. CPR certification (approximately $20.00 each year),
14. Cost for criminal background check (approximately $37, but can be more depending on how many different counties/states the student has lived),
15. Cost for drug screening ($35.00)

Click here for a curriculum guide for the Medical Laboratory Technician.


The SICCM/MLT Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).  Upon successful completion of the SICCM/MLT Program, along with the associate degree earned at the student's home campus and NAACLS certification of the SICCM/MLT Program, the MLT student qualifies for testing for certification with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) Board of Registry.  This examination is offered throughout the year in three-month examination periods.  Once the student successfully passes the Board of Registry Examination, he/she will earn the title of MLT (ASCP).