* This is a free test that is taken in the Testing Center (A 145) with Ed Rose
* The Reading section is the only required portion
* You must score a 36 or higher on the ASSET or a 65 or higher on the Compass; if you do not meet this minimum score, you must take the READ 106 module (estimate $276-301 for this class)
* Click here to be directed to the Testing Center's webpage.



What Is ASSET?

            The ASSET® program is a series of short placement tests developed by ACT that lets you and your school work together to help you succeed in your educational program. ASSET helps you identify your strengths as well as the knowledge and skills you will need in order to succeed in specific subject areas. ASSET also helps your school use this information to guide you toward classes that strengthen and build logically upon your current knowledge and skills.


How Does ASSET Work?

            ASSET has three tests of basic skills in writing, reading, and numerical reasoning, plus more advanced tests in algebra and geometry. The ASSET program also offers the Educational Planning Form, which supplements your ASSET test scores by providing your institution with information about your educational needs and goals.


How Are ASSET Scores Used?

            ASSET is not used like a traditional test battery. There is generally no “passing score.” Rather, ASSET scores indicate areas in which you are strong and areas in which you may need help. Thus, ASSET can identify problems in major subject areas before they disrupt your educational progress, giving you the opportunity to prepare more effectively for needed courses.  You and your institution can use scores from ASSET tests and the information from the educational Planning Form to prepare a course of study that will be appropriate, relevant, and meaningful for you.


What Kinds of Questions Are on the ASSET Tests?

            The ASSET tests use a multiple-choice format.  The Reading Skills Test measures your ability to find specific information in text and to make logical inferences that extend beyond the text information.


Tips for Taking the ASSET

1. Relax! The ASSET tests are designed to help you succeed in school. Your scores help you and your institution determine which courses are most appropriate for your current level of knowledge and skills. Once you identify your academic strengths and weaknesses, you can get the help you need to improve underdeveloped skills before they interfere with your learning.

2. You will be able to concentrate better on the test if you get plenty of rest and eat properly before the test. You should also arrive a few minutes early so you can find the testing area, bathrooms, etc., and have time to find satisfactory seating, sharpen pencils, and gather your thoughts before the test begins.

3. Be sure you understand the directions for each test before that test session begins. Ask questions if you need to.

4. Pace yourself. You have 25 minutes to answer all questions on each section of the tests. Note the time when you start the test and check the time periodically to keep yourself “on schedule.”  Questions usually get increasingly harder, so you need to allow more time for later questions.

5. Answer the easier questions first and skip over the more difficult ones, marking the appropriate item numbers on the answer sheet so you can come back to them later. You can put a light check mark on the answer sheet next to any item you skip over as long as you erase any stray marks after you have returned to that item and answered it. Do not make any marks in the test booklet.

6. Read each question carefully until you understand what the question is asking. If answering an item requires several steps, be sure you consider them all.

7. Be sure to answer every item. You are not penalized for guessing. Your score will provide more useful placement information if you answer every item, even if you guess.

8. If time is available, go back and check your work on the test after you have answered all items.  Don’t be afraid to change an answer if you believe that your first choice was wrong.

9. Be sure that you mark the space that corresponds to the answer you have selected for each item.  Darken the space completely. If you change your mind about an answer, be sure to erase any stray marks on your answer sheet.

10. If you have a problem or question during the test, raise your hand and the test administrator or proctor will help you. Although they cannot answer test questions for you, they can help you with other types of problems (e.g., a broken pencil).


Tips for Specific ASSET Tests - Reading Skills

1. Read the entire passage carefully before trying to answer any items.

2. Reread appropriate sections of the passage as needed to answer specific items.

3. Read a few sentences before and after the appropriate sections of a passage to be sure that you understand the context.