Certified Nurse Assistant

This course does not require a high school diploma or GED.  
Student successfully completing this course will receive a certificate of completion
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Since the tuition is currently being waived for this class, registration is restricted to in-district students at this time.  The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) has set the boundaries of Southeastern Illinois College by zip code.  To check your zip code to see if you are in our district, click here to visit their webpage.  Questions regarding residency should be directed to the Admission's Office ext. 2441.

The next CNA class will be starting in Fall 2014.
Registration begins March 24, 2014.
Contact the Nursing Office (Room T236) at SIC or call 252-5400 ext. 2331 for the date and time of the next class orientation. 
However, we will not know specific days and times until the instructor sets this and that could be up to 10 days before the first day of class.

How do I become a CNA? 

Click here for a checklist that details the step by step process on how to become a Certified Nurse Assistant through Southeastern Illinois College.



At the present tuition charge of $91.00 per credit hour, the cost of the CNA program (tuition and fees only) is $694.00 for in-district students.  You must be able to prove residency in order to receive the in-district rates.  Out of district and out of state residents will have higher tuition rates.

At this point in time, the tuition is being waived for in-district students.  The student fees that the student is responsible for are only $29.00.  Students should be expecting to spend approximately $300.00 for this class (this amount will be more if the student decides to purchase any of the optional equipment or the Hepatitis Series vaccinations).  This is subject to change.


Certification Exam:  Students completing this course with a grade of "C" or higher will then be eligible for the competency exam required by the State of Illinois to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.  This exam is $65 and given at SIC once each month.

Financial Assistance:  This course is not payable by the PELL grant (State and Federal Aid Funds).

In addition to the tuition, other items required include:

  • The student must initiate an Illinois criminal background check during the first 10 days of class.  The student is responsible for the fee.  The instructor will provide detailed information about this background check on the first day of class.  The student will then be told where to go for the background check, cost, and when this must be completed.
  • Book and name pin (book prices can be found online at
  • White nursing uniform, white shoes, white socks (beige nylons are acceptable for females), and a wristwatch with a second hand.  Your instructor will go through what is acceptable and what is not acceptable at the orientation.  The uniform is to be worn when you begin clinicals, not during your theory (classroom portion).
  • TB skin testing 2 Step (Mantoux).  Click here for more information at the 2 Step Mantoux test.  Please make prior arrangements to have this done in a timely manner.  This must be done prior to clinical.  For TB skin and Hepatitis testing contact:  Egyptian Health Department * TB Board * 1412 US 45 N * Eldorado, IL  62930 * 618-273-3326

Note:  Students who have completed HLTH 113-7 Health Occupations or CNA 131-7 Certified Nurse Assisting or equivalent within the past two years and with a grade of "C" or better will be given credit for NUR 170-3 Practical Nursing Basic Procedures.

Click here for the CNA Curriculum Guide.