Math 141 - Statistics

Math 141 - Statistics
IAI Codes:  M1 902, BUS 901
Prerequisite:  Math 108 and Math 128
Math 141 Course Syllabus 
Math 125 - Gen. Ed. Statistics
IAI Codes:  M1 902
Prerequisite:  Math 108 and Math 109
Math 125 Course Syllabus

These classes require a graphing calculator:  TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-83+ S, TI-84, TI-84+, TI-84+ S

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Research Projects - For Math 141 Students

Each student will complete three research projects during the semester.  The cover sheet must be attached or the project will not be graded.

Research Project 1 Research Project 2 Research Project 3
Cover Sheet 1 Cover Sheet 2 Cover Sheet 3

Failure to read and follow the research paper guidelines will result in substantial loss of points on the research projects.

Research Paper Guidelines

  Sample Reports
The sample reports are based upon the original work of former Math 141 students.  While these students earned an "A" for their work, the reports are provided solely as samples and are not intended to be examples of the perfect paper.  Copying from these samples for completion of your project does constitute plagiarism and will result in a grade of 0.
Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Baseball Female Blood Donation
Basketball Max Cheating
Bass Fishing Pete Death Penalty
Marine Riflemen Zach Organ Donation
Minitab Project - For Math 141 Students

Each student will be randomly assigned a different version of a Minitab Project to complete by the end of the semester.
Data Sets
Oscars TrackField Swimming Australian ACT


Project Assignments
Minitab 01 Minitab 07 Minitab 13 Minitab 19 Minitab 25 Minitab 31 Minitab 37
Minitab 02 Minitab 08 Minitab 14 Minitab 20 Minitab 26 Minitab 32 Minitab 38
Minitab 03 Minitab 09 Minitab 15 Minitab 21 Minitab 27 Minitab 33 Minitab 39
Minitab 04 Minitab 10 Minitab 16 Minitab 22 Minitab 28 Minitab 34 Minitab 40
Minitab 05 Minitab 11 Minitab 17 Minitab 23 Minitab 29 Minitab 35 Minitab 41
Minitab 06 Minitab 12 Minitab 18 Minitab 24 Minitab 30 Minitab 36 Minitab 42

Minitab - Version 16 is available to use free-of-charge in the Student Success Center and the Library.  You may purchase (approximately $100) or rent (12 months for approximately $30) the program from Minitab at if you prefer to work at home.  However, you must meet their licensing requirements and system requirements to do so.  It is easiest to obtain with your SIC student e-mail address.

Detailed instructions for Minitab 16 are available in the handbook linked below.  Access to a tutor will be available in the Student Success Center.  The tutor is not there to hold your hand throughout the entire project, but rather, to answer questions on what you do not understand after referencing the Minitab manual.  Use it.
Minitab - Version 16 - Handbook
For Math 141 and Math 125 Students

Homework Sets


Statistical Tables

Sample Exams
Grouped Data HT - 2 μ Unit 1 Normal Exam 1
Independence HT - 2 π Unit 2 Student t Exam 2
Hypergeometric HT - Paired Unit 3 PPMC Exam 3
Poisson Non-Linear Reg Unit 4 Chi Square Exam 4
Multinominal Multiple Reg Unit 3 - Optional F Ratio  
Theoretical 2-Way ANOVA Unit 4 - Optional