Math 106 - Beginning Algebra

For FALL 2015 Semester
Prerequisite:  Math 101  (or ASSET/COMPASS Placement)

Math 106 Course Syllabus

This class requires a scientific calculator with a fraction key.

You will need a PDF reader to access the links.  These two are free and reliable readers if you need to download one:   Foxit Reader  or  Adobe Acrobat Reader

Pearson MathXL Access Cards are available in the college bookstore and online from Pearson Education.

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE COURSE! Class attendance is mandatory and will impact your grade.
All assigned homework must be completed online by the due date and will be graded.
Students must register their access cards and enroll in this course at  More details on how to do this are in the course syllabus.
PowerPoint Sample Exams  
Unit 1  Exam 1  
Unit 2  Exam 2  
Unit 3  Exam 3  
Unit 4  Exam 4  
Unit 5  Exam 5  
Unit 6  Exam 6