Career Opportunities

5 Major Fields of Criminal Justice

  • Law Enforcement
  • Courts/Judiciary
  • Corrections
  • Forensic Science
  • Private Security


Criminal Justice Careers

Police Officer                         Sheriff Deputy                          Correctional Officer/Jailer

Dispatcher                             Bailiff                                         Court Security

Police Detective                     Private Detective                       Probation Officer

Parole Officer                        Private Security                         Juvenile Probation Officer

Fraud Investigator                 Criminologist                              Youth Correctional Counselor

Illinois State Police            Postal Inspector                      Department of Homeland Security

INS Agent                            NSA Agent                                 Illinois Department of Corrections

FBI Agent                               CIA Agent                                  Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

Paralegal                                Legal Assistant                         Federal Bureau of Prisons

Customs Agent                       US Marshall                               Secretary of State Police

Judge                                      Prosecutor                                Forensic Science Technician

Border Patrol Agent               Secret Service Agent                 Conservation Police Officer

Prison Warden                        ATF Agent                                 Drug Enforcement Agent

Court Clerk                             Court Reporter                          Crime Scene Investigator

Child Advocate                       Victim Advocate                         Transit and Railroad Police

Computer Forensics               Loss Prevention Specialist


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