Board Policies

Board Policies are statements or intent/guidelines which are adopted by the Southeastern Illinois College Board of Trustees to be used by the administration in the development and implementation of regulations and procedures for operating the District.  The Board of Trustees is the ultimate decision maker in those areas assigned to it by state and federal statutes and regulations. 

  Board Policies      
  BP 1001 Philosophy      
  BP 1002 Educational Objectives      
 Section 2000 BOARD OF TRUSTEES      
  BP 2001 Terms of Office      
  BP 2002 Officers      
  BP 2003 Board Committees      
  BP 2004 Board Treasurer      
  BP 2005 Audit      
  BP 2006 Duties of Individual Board Members      
  BP 2007 Duties of the Board of Trustees as a Governing Entity      
  BP 2007.1 Self-Review      
  BP 2008 Adoption of Policies      
  BP 2009 Regular Meetings of the Board of Trustees      
  BP 2009.1 Attendance Via Electronic Means      
  BP 2010 Notification of Members      
  BP 2011 Public Sessions of the Board of Trustees      
  BP 2011.1 Appearance before the Board of Trustees      
  BP 2012 Closed Meetings      
  BP 2012.1 Recordings of Closed Meetings      
  BP 2013 Quorum      
  BP 2014 Special Meetings of the Board of Trustees      
  BP 2015 Board Elections      
  BP 2016 Student Board Member      
  BP 2017 Freedom of Information Act      
  BP 2018 Trustees and CEO Roles and Relationship      
  BP 2019 Reimbursement of Travel, Meal And Lodging Expenses      
  BP 2020 Southeastern Illinois College Code of Ethics - Board of Trustees      
  BP 2021 Model Ethics Ordinance      
  BP 2022 Facilities Naming Policy      
Section 3000 INTERNAL OPERATIONS      
  BP 3001 Organizational Charts      
  BP 3002 Line and Staff Relationships      
  BP 3003 Councils, Cabinets, and Committees      
  BP 3004 Position Descriptions      
  BP 3005 Prevailing Wage Law of Illinois      
  BP 3006 Maintaining a Work Environment Free From Discrimination      
  BP 3007 Equal Opportunity      
  BP 3008 Succession      
 Section 4000 PERSONNEL      
  BP 4001 Appointment      
  BP 4001.1 Faculty Qualifications/Credentials      
  BP 4002 Assignment and Transfer      
  BP 4003 Office Hours and Prep Time      
  BP 4004 Responsibility of Sponsors      
  BP 4005 Faculty Attendance at College Activities      
  BP 4006 Evaluations      
  BP 4007 Tenure      
  BP 4008 Personnel Files      
  BP 4009 Suspension      
  BP 4010 Grievance Procedure (S.I.C.E.A)      
  BP 4010.2 Grievance Procedure (UMWA)      
  BP 4011 Pay for Substitute Instructors      
  BP 4013 Class Attendance (Instructors)      
  BP 4014 Externally Funded Grant Employees      
  BP 4015 Professional Growth      
  BP 4016 Meetings      
  BP 4018 Full-Time Staff Teaching During Regular Assignment Time      
  BP 4019 Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology and Electronic Resources      
  BP 4020 Copyright Compliance      
  BP 4021 Administrative Furloughs and Layoffs      
  BP 4023 Social Media Policy      
  BP 4024 Email Retention Policy      
  BP 4025 Drug and Alcohol Abuse      
  BP 5001 Workman's Compensation Benefits      
  BP 5001.1 Employee Return to Work      
  BP 5002 Tuition Waiver      
  BP 5003 Placement on Salary- Transfer and Vocational      
  BP 5008 Credit Earned for Advancement on the Salary Schedule      
  BP 5009 Conversion Schedule for Vocational Teacher Placement      
  BP 5010 Payroll Schedule      
  BP 5011 Payroll Deductions      
  BP 5012 Insurance      
  BP 5012.1 Optional Dental-Vision Insurance      
  BP 5013 State Universities Retirement System      
  BP 5013.1 State Universities Retirement System-Leave of Absence      
  BP 5014 Absences      
  BP 5014.1 Sick Leave      
  BP 5014.2 Family Medical Leave Policy      
  BP 5014.3 Family Illness      
  BP 5014.4 Family Related Medical Leave      
  BP 5015 Leave of Absence      
  BP 5016 Bereavement Leave      
  BP 5017 Military Leave      
  BP 5017.1 Family Military Leave      
  BP 5018 Leave for Professional Purposes      
  BP 5019 Sabbatical Leave      
  BP 5020 Personal Leave      
  BP 5021 Jury Duty or Court Appearance      
  BP 5022 Leave of Absence for Child Birth      
  BP 5023 Special Leave of Absence Without Pay      
  BP 5024 Vacation for Administrative and Exempt Employees      
  BP 5024.1 Pay for Unused Vacation Days for Administrators      
  BP 5024.2 Carry-Over Vacation Days for Grants Personnel      
  BP 5024.3 Severance Pay for Administrative/Exempt Staff      
  BP 5024.4 Mary Jo Oldham Child Center Study (MJOCCS)Employee Benefits      
  BP 5025 Personal Reference Checks      
  BP 5026 Orientation Period      
  BP 5027 Assignment and Transfer      
  BP 5028 Physical Examination      
  BP 5029 Responsibilities      
  BP 5030 Work Hours      
  BP 5030.1 Overtime for Classified Non-Exempt Employees      
  BP 5030.2 Pay for Hourly Employees when College is Closed      
  BP 5030.3 Pay for Customized Training      
  BP 5031 Work Year      
  BP 5032 Employee Resignation      
  BP 5033 Outside Employment      
  BP 5034 Compensatory Time      
  BP 5035 Holidays      
  BP 5036 Cell Phone for College Use Policy      
  BP 5037 Retiree Benefits Program      
  BP 6001 Nepotism      
  BP 6002 Non-Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Anti-Harassment and Non-Retaliation Policy      
  BP 6003 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy      
  BP 6004 Employees with Chronic Communicable Diseases      
  BP 6005 No Smoking      
  BP 6006 Records Maintenance and Retention      
  BP 6007 Reporting Child Abuse      
  BP 6008 Accommodating the Disabled Employee      
  BP 6009 Campus Security      
  BP 6010 Exposure Control Plan- Blood Borne Pathogens      
  BP 6011 Chemical Hygiene Plan      
  BP 6012 Mandatory Safety Training      
  BP 6013 Security Clearance      
  BP 6014 Procurement Policy Recycled Content Products      
  BP 6015 School Visitation Rights Acts Policy      
  BP 6016 English Proficiency      
  BP 6017 Firearms Policy      
  BP 6017.1 Archery Policy      
  BP 6018 College Logo and Seal Usage Policy      
  BP 6018.1 Institutional Research and Effectiveness Policy on Research and Survey Use      
  BP 6019 Solicitation Policy      
  BP 6020 Health Insurance Portability &Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance      
  BP 6021 Physical Fitness Facility Medical Emergency Preparedness Policy      
  BP 6022 Identity Theft Prevention      
  BP 6023 Concealed Carry      
  BP 6024 Face Covering
  BP 6025 Prohibition Against Monetary Incentives for Recruitment Activities      
Section 7000 COMMUNITY ORIENTED      
  BP 7001 Citizens Advisory Committees      
  BP 7002 Communication with the Public      
  BP 7003 Using Community Personnel in the Classroom      
  BP 7004 Facility Usage      
  BP 7004.1 Alcohol Policy      
  BP 7005 Library Policy on Controversial Books      
 Section 8000 FINANCES      
  BP 8001 Responsibility for Budget Preparation      
  BP 8001.1 Preparation of Budget Document (Procedure)      
  BP 8002 Adoption of the Budget      
  BP 8003 Purchasing Guides      
  BP 8003.1 Purchasing Guides - Minorities      
  BP 8004 Investment of Funds      
  BP 8005 Capitalization      
  BP 8006 Disposal of Equipment      
  BP 8007 Fund Balance      
  BP 8008 Debt Management Policy      
 Section 9000  STUDENTS      
  BP 9001 Admissions      
  BP 9001.1 Class Attendance Policy      
  BP 9002 Resident Status       
  BP 9002.1 Process for Determining Residency      
  BP 9002.2 Special Residency      
  BP 9002.3 Out-of-District Resident      
  BP 9002.4 Admission of High School Students      
  BP 9002.5 Nursing Program Admissions Requirements      
  BP 9002.6 Early College Program      
  BP 9002.7 Dual Credit      
  BP 9003 Attendance and Absenteeism Policy - LPN Program      
  BP 9004 Recycling of LPN Students      
  BP 9005 Academic Amnesty Policy      
  BP 9006 Academic Probation and Suspension      
  BP 9007 Standards of Academic Progress for Receipt of Financial Aid      
  BP 9007.1 Ability to Benefit Policy      
  BP 9008 Credit for Attendance at Correctional Training Facilities      
  BP 9009 Students Right to Know Campus Security Act      
  BP 9010 Student Athlete Drug Testing Policy      
  BP 9011 Transportation of Students to School-Related Activities      
  BP 9013 Standards of Conduct      
  BP 9014 Student Appeal Process for Requesting an Amendment to an Educational Record      
  BP 9015 Students Called to Active Military Duty      
  BP 9016 Prohibition of Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, and  Misconduct      
  BP 9017 Student Cell Phone and Other Electronic Device Policy      
  BP 9018 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)      
  BP 9019 Credit Hours      
  BP 9020 Repeat Grades      
  BP 9021 Credit Hour Definition      
  BP 9022 Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress      
  BP 9022.1 Financial Aid Refund      
  BP 9023 Advanced Credit/Credit by Examination      
  BP 2023.1 State Seal of Biliteracy      
  BP 9024 Transfer Credit Policy      
  BP 9025 Refund and Withdrawal