We recommend using a laptop or tablet to access. We have experienced mixed results when using phones. 

WiFi is available at SIC’s Harrisburg and Carmi locations.

HARRISBURG: The highlighted areas on the north parking lot (A, B, and C buildings) will be able to connect to SIC's WiFi.

CARMI: The front row closest to the building (normally reserved for staff) will provide the best WiFi connection. Located at 1700 College Ave.

Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. These days and times may change, so students needing this service are encouraged to visit SIC's homepage daily for updates. 


  • Only automobiles with the current SIC parking sticker will be allowed to ensure service to currently enrolled students. If you do not have an SIC parking sticker and are a current student, contact Dr. Chad Flannery at for verification and processing. 
  • You must stay in your auto. No loitering in the parking lot. 
  • The college reserves the right to limit the total number of vehicles due to capacity.  
  • Try and leave a space between autos as much as possible and practice strong social distancing
  • No access to the building will be allowed (i.e., no restrooms) as the building will be locked and security on patrol.

Security will monitor and block access should there be more automobiles than allowed. Violators of this policy will be legally charged and authorities notified.

Main Campus Map: 

Wifi Map